Now booking aeration, compost topdressing, and overseeding

When do I need compost topdressing and over seeding?

Poor soil conditions

Excessive weeds

Heavy traffic causing thinning of the turf

Bare spots

General lack of vigor

What does topdressing do?

1. Provides nutrients

2. Increases organic matter

3. Improves soil structure

4. Reduced irrigation

5. Reduced thatch

6. Improves surface irregularities

7. Adds beneficial microbes

8. Reduces winter damage

9. Reduces weeds

10. Reduces nutrient losses to surface and ground water

Find a great lawn and there is undoubtedly great soil underneath. Adding compost to your lawn once or twice a year for multiple years can take your lawn from sub par to the best on the block.

Our preferred seeding process:


  1. Aerate lawn areas
  2. Spread certified tall fescue
  3. Lawn covered in 1/4 inch of compost with our compost spreaders