Fall Planting of Spring Bulbs

Want the beautiful Spring color next year? Now is the time to plant your daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. There are a few ways to tell when it is time to get your bulbs in the ground, fall foliage has moved just past peak, you don’t hear those pesky crickets outside your window at night, or you wake up to frost on your windshield.

Spring-flowering bulbs start their growth cycle in early Fall, continuing to develop underground throughout the Winter. Even though they only have a short period of gracing us with their presence above ground, these extravagant beauties are still very alive and well in their dormant state, preparing for the next Spring’s bloom period.

These spring bloomers can be planted in part shade to full sun with well-drained soil. Amending the soil with compost at planting provides a rich soil mix for the best blooms. Bulbs provide the biggest “wow” when planted in large clusters at entryways, along walks or driveways. Bulbs can even be planted along with your pansies which provide fall and spring color before fading away as temperatures rise.

After their Spring blooms start to fade away, the flowers can be cut off. However, it is important to let the foliage die off and decompose naturally so the bulb can store as much energy as possible for the next year.

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